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Jan, 2010:
Refreshed all layouts to XHTML and Divs

April 2011:
Updated Canada Diary with Lightbox gallery
Upgraded Coppermine Gallery

Sept 2012:
Updated Coppermine Gallery and added Project Honeypot processes


This site has actually been around for some considerable time now without any major updates or changes. I hope to have more time to bring things up to date as far as the latest 'trends' in web design - XHTML, valid CSS, no (well fewer at any rate) tables etc. etc.

I've started with the Travel Diaries by revamping the look and feel of the pages and removing the unnecessary table structure. Gradually, all the other sections will be updated (for structure, if not necessarily content!)

So what's on the site anyway?

To refresh your memory if you've been here before - or to tell you if this is your first visit - the site currently contains the following:

Travel Diaries
Photo Galleries
In this digital age it was almost inevitable that we started to record images of where we had been rather than writing down our thoughts and observations. Our 'children' now travel the world and we, the parents, have discovered scuba diving (in hotter climes!) relatively late in life. The galleries linked to below are an indication of those changes.

Diving Holidays World Tours Family Weddings
My experiments with attaching a digital camera to a telescope to get a HUGE telephoto range!